“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” James Beard

So this is it, my first blog post. Having never written one before I’m a little unsure as to how this is going to go but hopefully anyone reading this will bear with me.

The idea for this blogged spawned, appropriately enough, from a discussion in a local restaurant. I began to think “what makes me happy?”. And I realised it was food. Whether it was eating or cooking it I’m rarely happier than in the kitchen. Growing up as the son of an Italian mother has a lot to do with it I think. Although at a biological level I share only a slice (see what I did there) of the heritage of the great culinary nation snuggled in the south corner of Europe. I’ve always felt drawn to it’s culture which at its heart places family and food above all. This is to me what food should be about, its enjoyable and its about the company you are in which as the title of this post suggests can be anyone.


Since the beginning of our existence humanity has united around food. From the first homo sapiens enjoying a a sabre-toothed tiger steak around the fire-pit to the wannabee hosts paraded every week on “Come Dine With Me”. Therefore I hope this blog encourages you to arm yourself with a spatula, don your apron and invite friends and family together to make good company but most importantly good food.

Good food, Good friends

It has long been thought that culinary perfection is something unattainable to all but those in the know but with a little work, navigating the menu and sampling the best a chef has to offer will become a joy rather than a chore.




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