Michelin’s Top Ten Cities Around The Globe


Ahh, the Michelin Star, long held as the standard for culinary excellence. While it may have come from more humble routes, a way for French brothers Édouard and André Michelin to sell more tyres, it has surely blossomed into the one standard of culinary rating that is understood and respected around the world. With that in mind I’d thought I’d compile a list of the top performing cities according to Michelin and Hopefully find a British city nestled among the top contenders. 


10. Chicago, U.S.A

With a total of 35 stars including two restaurants with 3 stars, Chicago earns the tenth spot in this list. With its vibrant and exciting food scene, complimented for its constant evolution and flair Chicago is certainly a worthy contender.


9. Singapore

With 45 stars total Singapore could be seen as a centre for fine dining, however whats probably not factored in is Singapore’s reputation as the finest street food city on the world. while this may be debatable it can certainly throw down with the best of them and with such a vibrant grass roots its not surprising that Singapore appears on this list.


 8. San Francisco, U.S.A

The U.S.A’s second representative on this list San Fran is often compared unfavourably to Chicago whoever it seems the Michelin guide disagrees awarding it 45 stars total. this does mean that it does indeed tie with Singapore however I’ve given San Fran the edge due to the fact that it edges Singapore on the amount of two and three star restaurants it has.


7. London, U.K

While I’m disappointed to see the U.K’s top and only entry in list come in a mediocre 7th however maybe simply appearing on this list is an honour in itself. We are often criticised for our cuisine in this country but London’s 87 Michelin stars including 3 three stars shows that to be false and looking at the other cities on this list you may start to appreciate that we may just be punching above our weight.


6.Hong Kong

With same 87 overall stars as London, Hong Kong could have tied but it bests us on the sheer amount of three stars (6!) to grab the number six slot. Among those deemed eligible for three stars are “Bo Innovation” the Brain child of “The Demon Chef” also known as Alvin Leung the inventor of a new cuisine he call X-treme Chinese. Whatever it is it sure looks good


5. New York, U.S.A

New York has long been considered a culinary capital of the world however it just scrapes through with 88 total stars to beat London and Hong Kong with restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park and Per Se grabbing three stars it doesn’t look like it will be toppled anytime soon.


4. Osaka, Japan

An entry that I did not expect on this list but Osaka grabs the 4th spot with a whopping 116 stars! known for its varied cuisine and exciting night-life Osaka just loses out on a podium finish. Despite being known by many as the food capital of the world”


3. Kyoto, Japan

narrowly beating its regional rival Kyoto boasts over 130 stars including three for the flagship restaurant “Kikunoi” run by Yoshihiro Murata who trained in the classic french style before returning to his native land to cook the finest Japanese cuisine with a modern twist to be ranked 42nd in all of Asia for culinary excellence but if you ask me that seems a little harsh from the look of things.


2. Paris, France

Surprise, surprise! the city of food, wine and love makes an appearance on this list, in fact you may be surprised it isn’t in the top spot but with 141 it certainly gives itself a good showing. One of its Michelin star winners is Le Violin D’Ingres a restaurant I will be visiting in January so hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys first-hand experience of it. to check out my other reviews before moving on to our number one spot check out here


1. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s third entry on this list is the one that clinches the top spot. with 302 stars in total it is far and away the biggest winner around the world with a whopping 12 restaurants with 3 stars the highest achievement possible for a restaurant.


So that’s the whole list of The Top 10 Michelin cities the world over. Visited any of these cities? Sampled the finest they have to offer? Let me know in the comments below.



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